GetUp's federal election campaign to centre First Nations justice

GetUp is campaigning alongside First Nations communities fighting for action on climate change, federal protections for cultural heritage, increased enrolment and voter participation, and addressing inequality as the centrepiece of its federal election campaign.

GetUp launch federal election campaign!

GetUp members from across Australia joined the virtual launch of the GetUp 2022 election campaign, where we found out how everyone can get involved in helping create a fairer and safer future this federal election. Watch the launch video.

GetUp launches campaign in the seat of Leichhardt

GetUp members from Cairns joined the live launch of the 2022 election campaign in the seat of Leichhardt. We held real conversations with the community on Yirrganydji land about how together we're going to shift power, engage voters and put people back into politics by platforming local voices and centring First Nations justice, inequality and climate action.

Beyond the floods: Winning climate justice this election

The recent floods in NSW and Queensland have demonstrated once again that we are at a tipping point for our climate. In the same week as the massive climate disaster, the Morrison Government decided to hand millions more in public funds to gas corporations that profit from causing climate damage.

Politics belongs to the people in Goldstein

A week ago, GetUp members came together to launch our Goldstein climate justice campaign in bayside Melbourne. GetUp members who live in and around Goldstein will be out over the next few weeks to hold him accountable - calling voters on the phones, talking to neighbours, distributing flyers, and putting up yard signs.

GetUp closing the gap on First Nations voting enrolment in NT

For years, our First Nations Justice team has worked with communities to fight the deliberate barriers that prevent First Nations people from casting their vote – we have the relationships and understand the solutions and now we have national coverage on this story.

Election Day-style barbecues held in Lingiari and Goldstein

GetUp is backing the people the Morrison Government refuses to listen to. We’re amplifying the voices of people who stepped up in a crisis, and sharing their solutions to show voters what real vision and leadership looks like before they head to the polls.

Record number of Australians enrol to vote

GetUp ran a multi-channel awareness campaign to inform our audiences of the enrollment cutoff for the 2022 Federal Election. The team worked hard to engage people creating compelling content via TikTok, social media videos, memes, infographics and using social media ads to urge a wide audience to enrol and have their say in the future leadership of our country.

#CoalMo statue finally reveals the real Scott Morrison

As the Morrison Government doubles down on subsidising coal, oil and gas giants and blocking any meaningful action to combat the climate crisis, Morrison's coal-based doppelganger will be touring seats in Melbourne where his atrocious record on climate change is on the nose with voters.

GetUp gives everyday Australians the chance to make an extraordinary impact – online, across the airwaves, and in the streets.

GetUp focuses and amplifies your voice alongside a million others so that you’re not just heard – you make a real difference. You help set the strategy, you choose the issues you want to work on, and together, we make a huge impact.

Get involved!