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Power our ABC election sprint!

Headline from The Australian 27/04/22 reads: Time for the big guns over ABC's vigilante journalism
The Murdoch Press is calling for the ABC to be whacked with half a million dollar fines to muzzle its investigations into sitting Liberal MPs.1

This would have an unprecedented chilling effect on the ABC's journalism. But this is exactly what we should expect from a fourth term Coalition Government.

That's why we're planning a massive final sprint for our ABC campaign to show whoever wins at the polls that there is an electoral penalty for attacking the public broadcaster.

If enough people chip in, we can distribute tens of thousands of hard-hitting scorecards to voters in the very seats Morrison is most vulnerable on the ABC. They'll be backed in with yard signs, stickers, and events – but only if we raise enough funds.

Will you chip in to keep the ABC front of mind for voters this election?
We're ready to roll out tried and tested tactics that we know have the power to shift votes in elections.

With your support, here's what we'll do:
  • Thousands of scorecards: Targeting electorates that could come down to a handful of votes, we'll deliver ABC scorecards directly into peoples' letterboxes. We'll make sure the Coalition can't disguise from voters their nine-year track record of cutting our public broadcaster to the bone.
  • Yard signs: Printing thousands of yard signs for people to display in communities where support for our ABC is highest. Between now and election day, Liberal MPs – and voters – won't be able to turn a street corner without seeing calls to protect the ABC.
  • Stickers to blanket streets: Distributing thousands of ABC stickers to blanket battleground electorates with support for our ABC. From letter boxes to car windows, every sticker will signal the depth of local energy to fight for the ABC.
  • Film screenings: Hosting public screenings of GetUp's own ABC documentary Morrison & Murdoch v. the ABC, arming viewers with the truth to push back on the Morrison Government's dangerous anti-ABC agenda in – and out – of election time.
GetUp has created an explosive short film, which lays bare the coordinated threats facing the ABC, and arms viewers with the truth to push back against damaging anti-ABC agendas.

This is the film the Murdoch Press and Morrison Government don't want you to see 👇

Murdoch & Morrison v. The ABC

The Murdoch Press and Morrison Government are gunning for the ABC — This is the film they don't want you to see 👇

Posted by GetUp! on Tuesday, 2 February 2021

You can also watch the film on Youtube here.
  • Successive Coalition governments have starved our ABC of funding: The ABC is $783 million worse off since the Coalition came to power in 2013, leading to thousands of job losses and program cuts. And yet in 2020, Scott Morrison denied any cuts had taken place.
  • The Coalition has waged an intentional and sustained campaign of political interference, harassment, and intimidation against our national broadcaster, exposed in GetUp's report (read more below).
  • The Coalition has repeatedly introduced and advocated for hostile legislation that would weaken the ABC. This weaponisation of legislation is a direct attempt to pressure and harass the ABC.
  • Coalition MP's and Senators routinely appear on, commentate in, and coordinate with the Murdoch Press to publicly criticise and disparage the ABC. Check out our short film about it below!
  • In 2018 the Liberal Party's peak council voted overwhelmingly to privatise the ABC – this motion is still on the books.

Authored by Walkley-award winning, ex-ABC journalist Quentin Dempster, and Fergus Pitt read the report GetUp commissioned on the ways the Coalition Government has systematically and relentlessly attacked the ABC – and the risk this creates for the ABC's independence, journalism and our communities.

Download the report or read it below. Then send it to your friends and family!
[1] Time for the big guns over ABC's vigilante journalism, The Australian, 27 April 2022.