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Live Export Pledge

---UPDATE: This campaign has ended ---

Last night the Government announced it would impose new conditions on live animal exports to Indonesia, and lift the moratorium put in place three weeks ago.

Sadly, the new conditions fall short of mandating stunning animals before slaughter. However, new mandatory tracking of cattle means cattle producers can now choose to send their cattle only to abattoirs that stun animals before killing.

Some major cattle exporters have already flagged that they will only export to abattoirs with stunning facilities.

If we can convince all the exporters to do the same, we can ensure that no Australian cattle are exported to facilities that don't stun animals.

If you leave the email space on the right blank we'll send this message.

"Dear Mr MacKinnon,

I am one of more than 245,000 Australians who signed a petition calling for an immediate moratorium on live exports following Four Corners' report on the horrific treatment of our cattle in Indonesian abattoirs.

I understand that the Government has now acted to require exporters comply with international standards and that there will be regular independent audits to ensure compliance.

I also understand that cattle will now be able to be traced from the farm to the abattoir, making it possible for producers to choose to only export to facilities which stun animals before slaughter.

It was disappointing that Government did not mandate stunning. Therefore, I'm writing to you to ask that industry make a pledge to Australians to only export Australian cattle to facilities which use stunning.

By making this promise to Australians, industry would demonstrate its commitment to ensuring Australian cattle are never again subjected to the cruelty we witnessed on our TV screens a few weeks ago.

Yours Sincerely,
{Your name}"