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Take Action for Human Rights

Australia needs strong human rights protections to ensure everyone has the opportunity to contribute and achieve their full potential no matter what their race, sex, ability, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Right now we've got a once in a generation opportunity to put strong, lasting human rights protections in place. The draft legislation that the government has put on the table is a big step forward, but we can't ignore the areas still in need of strengthening.

Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon has the power to significantly strengthen the bill to put in place human rights protections that we can all be proud of.

Can you use the handy tool on the right to contact her to ask for stronger anti-discrimination protection now?

What Needs to Change?

There are four simple changes that could help set a new Australian standard for protection from discrimination:

  1. Remove the exemption that would allow religious organisations to legally discriminate.
  2. Adopt a definition of gender identity and intersex that would protect all people of diverse sex and gender.
  3. Make criminal record discrimination a protected attribute where that record is not relevant.
  4. Pass the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill before the Federal election.

For more information about these issues click here to view or download the full GetUp position paper on the Human Rights and Anti-discrimination Act 2012

The media reporting on this issue has made it very difficult to understand the issues, what the legislation will do and just exactly what is at stake. That's why we've prepared a simple FAQ that dispels some of the misinformation being put out there and clarify what needs to happen to achieve the best possible outcome for human rights. Click here to view or download the FAQ.

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