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Don't Let Big Business Win

Big business is backing an all out advertising blitz to sell Australians on a massive corporate tax cut.

Treasurer Scott Morrison wants to give it to them, and he'll fund it by making us all pay more through a bigger, badder, broader GST. But he has to convince Australians first.

That's where we come in, to counter the big business ad blitz.

We can win by crafting a better public campaign through cutting-edge political research, polling, focus groups and more. And we'll establish a campaign hub to coordinate campaigning across the progressive movement.

Become a GetUp Core Member today by making a weekly donation to help win the economic fight of the election. Get the ball rolling and our allies are poised to chip in too, muliplying the power of your regular donation.
GetUp's core members chip in a small, regular donation. These contributions are what allow us to operate effectively – they enable us to respond rapidly when moments present themselves but also to buid power over time and plan strategically for the future.

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Bankers, big business and conservative think tanks have dominated the economic debate for decades, convincing politicians to give them big handouts. They win because they're more coordinated and consistent in their campaign. Here's how this ambitious new project turns that around:

  • Cutting-Edge Research. Conduct polling, focus groups and use new research methods to determine the best way to talk to Australians about our vision of tax and the economy, with help from one of America's top experts.
  • Campaign Hub. Create a hub for gathering and analysing this research and sharing it across the progressive movement. Progressive spokespeople will have the best arguments to win over Australians and allies will have the best basis to make powerful political advertising, all with a consistent, proven message.
  • Empowering the Grassroots. Build more powerful tech tools for GetUp members and allies to write letters to the editor, call talkback radio and influence their friends and family through social media. It's what we do best.