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Climate Action Now

climate action thumb Australia needs real action on climate change, and what we do now will be the legacy our generation leaves for the future. Kevin Rudd called this issue the "greatest economic and moral challenge of our time", yet our politicians are still dragging their feet on coming up with meaningful policies to see the necessary reductions in the amount of carbon Australia emits. As part of a National Day of Action on 5th June almost 45,000 Australians turned out around the country to say 'Yes' to a price on pollution. To see what we've done and what's still to do take a look here.

ReEnergise Australia

reenergise thumb Climate change is one of the biggest challenges to have ever confronted humanity and shifting to renewable, clean energy sources is one of the best ways to meet the challenge. Yet polluter lobby groups spread misinformation claiming that adjusting to clean energy solutions is bad for the economy. All around the country GetUp members got out on the streets and talked to their fellow Australians spreading the news that a transition to a green economy will actually create jobs and be a benefit to our economy as well as our planet.

Clean Up Tasmanian Politics

clean up tassie politics small scale thumb The March 2010 election was a crucial time for Tasmanian citizens to clean up the polluted politics of their state and elect a government to address key environmental issues facing Tasmania. Using the momentum of our No Pulp Mill campaign, GetUp made sure that the environment was put firmly on the agenda for the state 2010 election.

Political Donations

political donations thumb Our politicians are elected to work for us, but at the moment someone else is writing the cheques - to the tune of millions of dollars. Nearly 50,000 GetUp members signed a petition to tell the government to get corporate and third-party influence out of politics and end all large scale political donations.

Economic Fairness

econ fairness thumb With the Global Financial Crisis approaching Australia, the Government was preparing its financial stimulus packages - but without consideration of the unemployed, whose ranks were likely to grow. Following GetUp's campaign, the Government agreed to double the amount of savings a jobless person can hold on to before qualifying for assistance, an important win that ensured Australians didn't have to hit rock bottom before help would arrive.