It was 5 minutes before midnight in Queensland when the Mining Minister passed into law changes that the Government had - for months - been saying would not happen. They lied to us all.

If Gina Rinehart wants to build a coal mine at the end of your street - you won't get to object.

What if you knew the coal dust would blow across your town, right through your home? Worried about the health of your kids, or others in the community? Too bad. Or maybe you'd be worried about the local water supply. Now, with the new law, you don't get to object.

This is a dishonest, dirty decision that will help the mining industry walk all over the people of Queensland. It begs the question, why would a Minister backflip on such an important decision and rob Queenslanders of their voice?

Was this yet another example of special interests, big money and lobbyists getting the government to screw over the little guy?

We all know that sunlight is the best disinfectant - sign the petition asking the Government to let the light in and release all the correspondence around this decision.

This is just the beginning. Add your name to the campaign and we'll be in touch as it ramps up - to come to the petition delivery, to write a letter to your local paper, to call talk back - whatever it takes to send this government a message.