The laws to give extra voting power to conservatives will be voted on after parliament resumes at 7:30pm. The window to influence Mr Gordon's decision is closing fast! Write to Billy Gordon now.

What to say?
  • First, make sure you say your name
  • Then you can either ask which way Mr Gordon is planning on voting on the Electoral Act Amendment Bill that is coming before parliament tonight
  • OR you can just say that you would like them to pass on to Mr Gordon that you would like him to vote no to the Electoral Act Amendment Bill tonight
  • If you're one of Mr Gordon's electors (i.e. you live in Cook) make sure you mention that on the call!
  • You can also mention why you think this issue is important: because Queensland should be a state in which everyone's vote has the same value, or because you don't want to see political parties skewing the system to suit themselves