What happens when your Member of Parliament resigns? You get to vote in a new one, right?

That might not be true for the people of Stafford – at least not without your help.

Last week the member for Stafford, Dr Chris Davis, resigned in protest against his party's passage of the dodgy political donations and voter suppression laws.

But, unfortunately, there's no law compelling the Premier to hold a by-election. Premier Newman could leave the seat vacant until the next election – leaving the people of Stafford without a representative. Why? Newman has already lost one by-election badly, so he may not want to face another defeat, especially with the focus squarely on the suss laws that provoked Dr Davis to resign.

But leaving tens of thousands of Queenslanders without a representative out of fear of public scrutiny is a bad look too, which means we can force the Premier's hand if we can call enough attention to it.

Sign the petition today calling on Premier Newman to hold a by-election.

Independent MP Peter Wellington has agreed to table our petition in Queensland Parliament on Thursday June 4 – so we've got exactly 24 hours to make it big.

The by-election will only happen if there's enough pressure on Premier Newman to call it. Can you sign the petition?