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Our plan to topple the big polluters

Tony Abbott is gone. We're weeks out from historic UN climate negotiations. And there's a federal election looming.

The stage is set for the GetUp community to change our country in ways we've never seen before.

We have a plan, but we need small, weekly donations to make it a reality. Are you in?

We've got a plan that starts right now and goes all the way until after the election. A plan to give the big polluters a run for their money, unshackle us from the outdated fuels that are polluting our air and water, and drive the transition to homegrown, renewable power.

Read the steps below to find out more.

The Paris climate talks will be a defining moment in the global fight for a better world.

We're helping organise massive People's Climate Marches all around the country to show our leaders Australians are ready to play their part in tackling global warming.

We'll be calling GetUp members, organising huge doorknocks, and encouraging everyone to bring their friends and families along to make these the biggest marches we have ever seen.

Thanks to the contributions of GetUp members like you, we have already started working with a select team of researchers, policy experts, economists and movement partners to create an energy white paper that shows our politicians the way to 100% renewable powered future.

We want to create a plan that's broadcast-able, will get the media's attention and excite the community enough to make climate change an election issue.

With Tony Abbott gone and Malcolm Turnbull in the hot seat we're in with a chance to make this a race to the top on renewable power.

We're pulling together a powerful plan for our biggest election effort ever. Organising in key electorates, running hard-hitting ads, and helping Australians vote for people who are with us on climate change.

As a core member, you'll join hundreds of Australians to fund:

  1. The biggest, coordinated door-knock for climate action the country has ever seen,
  2. The enormous People's Climate March for 2015, which last year was used as real-time evidence of the world's demand for climate action by leaders like Ban Ki Moon and President Obama.
  3. Creating a people's policy platform with researchers, policy experts, economists and movement partners to show politicians the pathway to a 100% renewable powered future,
  4. All the hard-hitting ads, high-profile actions, and electoral organizing we need to do turn climate change into a major issue at the next federal election.

We've already hit the ground running -- helping to organise massive People's Climate Marches across Australia to demonstrate the strength and diversity of our movement and show the world we're ready to play our part in tackling global warming. Your money will support organisers on the ground, phones for phone bankers, t-shirts for volunteers, clipboards for doorknockers, and the promotional materials we need to make these marches the biggest we've ever seen.