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Who exactly is Bjorn Lomborg? Help get the word out

In the last two years, the Abbott government has cut millions of from science and research, including abolishing the Climate Commission. Yet they had no trouble finding $4 million for a new think tank linked to 'climate contrarian' Bjorn Lomborg. It's been revealed that the government actually approached the University of Western Australia (UWA) to set it up1 – and that $800,000 of that $4m in public funds was to be set aside for marketing, and over half used on events.2

After mass outcry from academics, lecturers and the public, UWA turned backed down and rejected the centre several months ago.3 But Bjorn Lomborg and the government aren't giving up so easily, and now it's Adelaide's Flinders University that's seeing a student uprising against a proposal that they take in Lomborg.4

Who exactly is Bjorn Lomborg? He's known internationally for using cost-benefit analysis on cherry-picked data to argue that funding prevention for climate change is too hard, and not worth prioritising. Sound familiar?

Academics and students4,5 are standing alongside climate scientists around the nation in condemning the government's decision to fund Lomborg's ideas. It's no surprise, when experts have this to say about Lomborg's methods:

Within the research community, particularly within the economics community, the Bjorn Lomborg enterprise has no academic credibility.
- Dr Frank Jotzo, director of the Centre for Climate Ecnomics and Policy at the Australian National University

It seems Tony Abbott is set on surrounding himself with ideologues who believe solving climate change is just too hard - as though that will justify his own inaction. We have to be even louder in our opposing message: action on climate change is urgent and necessary, and must be our top priority.

Can you help us get the word out, to build public opposition to Abbott's dangerous priorities?

Your donations mean we can keep creating powerful videos like this one, and campaign to hold our government to account on their climate change inaction.


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