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Call Your MP

Right now your local MP is back home and it's critical that they hear from you before returning to Canberra next week. Make sure you tell them you want a price on carbon. The polluter lobby will be doing everything they can to water down the climate agreement and the feedback they received when they were home in their electorates will be at the forefront of their minds.

Use our tool on the right to call your local MP!
Here's a few ideas for what you might want to say when you call.

First, ask your MP if they support a price on carbon pollution.

If they say yes:
  • Thank your MP for supporting the carbon price and welcome the investment in renewable energy and the money that's available for innovation to shift our economy to a clean future.
  • Let them know you're not swayed by the scare campaigns of the mining industry billionaires.
  • Tell your MP you've heard that 9 in 10 households will get assistance and that the average cost per household will be $9.90 per week, with an average assistance of $10.10 per week.
  • Tell them you're glad your local MP supports a decision which will put more pressure on other nations to act and bring us into line with those which already have acted.

If they say no:
  • Ask them to put the climate beyond politics.
  • Tell them you want a solution with strong investment in renewable energy and innovation.
  • Ask them to support a solution that shifts the economy to a clean energy future, not a lightweight solution that tinkers at the edges.
  • Ask them why the alternative plan on the table from the Coalition pays polluters with taxpayer money, but doesn't actually require them to pollute less? This plan would cost each household around $720 per year.
  • Ask them to think about their children and yours, because they don't deserve to be handed a massive climate problem if this generation fails make the right decisions.
  • Tell them 27 countries in Europe already have full emissions trading. NZ and parts of the USA have a price on carbon pollution. India has a tax on coal, and a regional scheme is being designed in China, where they have some of the world's strongest policies to drive the uptake of renewable energy and electric cars.


Together we can make sure our MPs have a different message to take back to Canberra: Put a price on pollution now. By making these calls we ensure each local member knows there are thousands of people in their electorate who want Australia to take action on climate change

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