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National Day of Climate Action!

The last month was the hottest on record.
The last 12 months were the hottest on record.
The last summer was the hottest on record, breaking 120 records.
And what is our government doing about it?

Tony Abbott and our new Government are already going backwards on climate change. Just this week they slashed jobs at the CSIRO and decided they wouldn't be sending a senior minister to the climate negotiations in Poland. They've already cut the climate department, abolished the Climate Commission, and are getting ready to try repeal a price on pollution and renewable energy funding.

If you haven't already, RSVP now.

Right now, it is more important than ever before that we make it clear that the majority of Australians want climate action.

That's why we're planning huge rallies across the nation in just 4 weeks. Not just in capital cities, but in towns right across the nation. But we need your help. Running massive rallies all over the nation doesn't come cheap!

Of course, rallies won't solve the climate crisis alone. We have a long few years of campaigning ahead of us. We'll have to be patient, committed and strategic – but most of all, we'll have to be strong, and we'll have to be many. Let's start by showing that.

We've come up with an ambitious plan to hold huge national rallies in dozens of locations simultaneously, in just a month's time. But it has a budget to match: $263,000 (and that's the cheap option).

If you've ever run events you have an idea of what this covers. It includes: paid coordinators, stages, PA systems for the bands and speakers, liability insurance, banners and signs, huge cherry-pickers at events for TV cameras, St John's ambulance on hand to provide first aid, promotions in newspapers, online and on the street, security, permits from councils, electricity generators, marquees, video crews to capture footage, face-paint for kids, sunscreen for adults, and a myriad of little details that make our rallies fun, family-friendly events.

Can you chip in and make it a reality?

Every donation made now can help us to make sure we've got the essentials to make these rallies as effective as they can be. Chip in today and help us demonstrate once and for all that there is enormous community support for strong, meaningful climate action.


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