In events across the country, and the flagship march in Melbourne, we have a chance to show the world that Australians are ready to keep fighting for action on climate change.

The People's Climate March on the day of the UN's Emergency Climate Change Summit is just the beginning. From there, we have a deep, organised and strategic push that starts in Victoria, and will spread across the country in the lead up to the next Federal election.

It's going to take a lot of time, energy, resources and support. Can you chip in to help make it happen?

It starts with the events themselves - from Bendigo to Brisbane, Sydney to Perth - including a flagship march in Melbourne. We'll need a stage, PA system for the speakers and bands, liability insurance, banners and signs, huge cherry-pickers at events for TV cameras, promotional materials and videos, permits, marquees, first aid, and everything else that's needed to really put Australia on the map.

From there, your donation will go towards the sustained organising of marginal seat programmes, putting climate action on the agenda for state elections, before being rolled out on a nation-wide scale for the next federal election.

Can you chip in now to help make it happen?

The September 21 events organised by: