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Kick Coal Out in Melbourne

Kick Coal Out of Politics - Melbourne Banner

Will you join us at rallies to Kick Coal out of Politics?

Melbourne: Friday 7th September 6pm, @ the State Library

The hard-right, coal-hugging faction of the Coalition just held a brutal coup in Canberra. They've installed a PM who is even more committed to their climate-wrecking agenda.

This moment is crucial for our democracy and our climate: We are witnessing the take-over of our government – and we must respond immediately.

That's why GetUp members and our friends across Australia are mobilising right now to rise up for climate action and against the coal-fuelled takeover of our national government

Together, let's show our politicians that we want a Government that takes climate change seriously. We want a Government that will stop Adani, save the Great Barrier Reef, and take Australia beyond coal.

Lets take to the streets and make sure our voices are heard!

Will you join us?

Melbourne: Friday 7th September 6pm, @ the State Library


Yes! I'm coming on September 7 at 6pm to help kick coal out of politics!

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