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Lion Nathan National Foods is a member of the Australian Food and Grocery Council, the organisation that is reportedly planning to support a multi-million dollar anti-carbon pricing scare campaign.

Use the tool on the right to email Lion Nathan and ask them to publicly oppose the scare campaign against pricing pollution.
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"Dear Mr Jason Baily (National Business Manager, Lion Nathan)

I am a loyal consumer of your products – [Insert products you buy here - e.g. Tooheys, Wither Hills, Coon cheese, Yogo, Berri juice and Dairy Farmer's milk products]. However, I have just discovered that the Australian Food and Grocery Council, of which your company is a member, is reportedly planning to support a $10 million dollar campaign against a carbon price, along with coal industry heavyweights such as the Minerals Council of Australia and the Australian Coal Association. This news is especially disappointing considering the details of the carbon pricing policy have yet to be released.

It is my understanding that you have already been made aware of this. I sincerely hope that you will take steps to publicly distance yourself from such a negative and harmful campaign. I expected that Lion Nathan would support action on climate given the environmental policy listed on your website which says that it wants "to continue to deliver great products to both our consumers and our customers that are produced in the most environmentally responsible manner possible." I therefore ask that you also make your position on pricing pollution clear.

If your business decides to oppose a price on carbon and publicly supports the scare campaign the AFGC has been associated with, I will be purchasing [Insert alternative products you would buy here - e.g. Little Creatures, Peroni, Magners, Crown Lager, Woolworth's Select cheese and yoghurt, Brownes Milk and Grove Juice] as alternatives to Lion Nathan's products. I look forward to seeing news of your response to this matter in the hope that I can remain a loyal consumer of the Lion Nathan products I am so fond of.

Kind regards, {Name} (concerned consumer)"
Call Lion Nathan on 02 9320 2200

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    Lion Nathan's Products
  • Alcoholic Beverages: XXXX, Tooheys, Hahn, James Boag, Bacardi, Wither Hills, Heineken, Beck's, 5 Seeds

  • Dairy Products: COON cheese, Yoplait and Fruche yoghurt, Yogo, Divine, Tasmanian Heritage cheese, King Island Dairy, Mersey Cheese
  • Beverages: Daily Juice Company, Berri, Moove, Dare, Farmer's Union, Pura, Dairy Farmer's, Big M, Masters M
    Alternatives to Lion Nathan
  • Alcoholic Beverages: Little Creatures, Peroni, Magners, Crown Lager
  • Dairy Products: Woolworth's Select cheese and yoghurt

  • Beverages: Brownes Milk, Grove Juice

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