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Bushfire Relief Efforts: How you can help

Photo by: Red Cross Australia It's hard to put into words the loss and pain of this bushfire season. Climate change has meant we're facing unprecedented danger. Many have lost loved ones, homes, or animals, or are suffering through unbreathable air.

It's easy to feel helpless, particularly if you're lucky enough not to be directly affected. But there's actually a lot you can do that can make a significant difference.

From donating money, to attending a gig, to switching your bank – here are just a few organisations you can support.

Support First Nations Communities: Donate to bushfire affected communities: Provide other assistance to bushfire affected communities: Support the Rural Firies: Help the Wildlife: Events to attend:
  • There are a number of bushfire benefits happening across the country. From gigs to dances to BBQ's – find one near you here or here
Looking for a solution 2020 and beyond? Do your part in helping stop climate change:
Photo by: Red Cross Australia


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