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Senators: Strengthen climate target bill!

On Monday, the historic climate target legislation will hit the Senate – and it's essential that our representatives collaborate to strengthen it. Will you email your Senators now?
Key Senators like David Pocock and Jacqui Lambie are calling for changes that hold the government accountable to reducing pollution.

Meanwhile, we know that the gas lobby will be turning up the pressure on the Senate to try and stop these amendments.

That's why to make this bill as strong as possible, we need to show Senators from all sides of politics that their constituents want them to work together for stronger climate action now.

Will you email your Senators asking that they collaborate to improve the climate target bill?
The Albanese Government wants to legislate a target to reduce Australia's climate pollution by 43% by 2030 and net zero by 2050.

After collaboration with the Independents and Greens to strengthen the first draft, the climate bills passed the lower house of Parliament.

Here's what it means:

  • 43% is the minimum target, not the maximum and can be made stronger over time.
  • The target is Dutton-proof – it cannot go backwards.
  • More transparent reporting and expert advice.
  • Public funding for fossil fuel projects will be harder.

There is still a chance to strengthen the bills even more as they go through to the Senate. That's why we're sending emails to our Senators!
  • Ensure emission reduction targets can be raised in future and make it clear that we should exceed targets where possible

  • Protect integrity of clean energy funds and stop failed carbon 'capture' technologies

  • A whole-of-government approach to reduce climate pollution, including reporting on climate pollution impacts in the federal budget

  • Rule out more fossil fuel subsidies and align resource investment with the Paris Agreement

  • Strengthen environment laws to include a 'climate trigger'

  • Put justice front and centre by considering social equity and inclusion in climate policies

You don't have to be an expert to write an effective message to your Senators. The most powerful messages are personal, and respectful. You can send the email provided, or edit it. Personalising your message will also give it more impact. Remember to:

  • Introduce yourself. Say a little about yourself. Mention your local community networks or your professional expertise.
  • Tell them why stronger climate action is important to you.
Senators who face an onslaught of gas industry marketing and lobbying need our help to stay focused on the details in the climate bills that will see them succeed.

Being accountable to actually reducing pollution and the temperature is the gas lobby's worst nightmare. Their game plan relies on greenwashing dodgy credits, mythical offsets, and bamboozling our Parliament with claims so outrageous they're hard to process.

We know that people power can improve the climate bills. Your short email will join thousands from GetUp members across the country, calling for the Senate to improve the climate legislation.

Every improvement matters. The stronger the bills, the better chance we have of stopping polluting projects in the future. And this will help protect the people and places we love.
Crossbench Senators pushing to improve the climate bills need to know we have their back — we've excluded Senators David Pocock and Jacqui Lambie as they're leading on the amendments. Labor Senators need pushing to prioritise collaborating to improve the legislation. Coalition and other conservative Senators need to hear from their constituents who are demanding climate action.


Contact your Senators as they start to debate the climate target bill!

The most powerful messages are personal, and respectful. You can send the email provided, or edit it for greater impact.

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