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⚡️ Let's electrify! Climate smart homes, not sky-high gas bills

Corporations' profit-before-people business model means more than eight million homes are inefficient. They're ill-equipped for heat, fires, and floods – and reliant on expensive fossil fuel power.1

People who can't easily make changes to their home – often those renting, and public and community housing residents – are hit twice: first by power bills, then by worsening extreme weather driven by burning coal and gas.

And as fossil fuel prices and global temperatures rise, the government urgently needs to act.2
Quotes from GetUp members about the challenges of keeping cool with rising energy prices.

If the Albanese Government helps people replace gas with electric appliances, install solar, and insulate and retrofit homes, then people can have comfortable, affordable, climate-resilient homes – and break free from polluting, price-gouging corporations, permanently.

Add your signature to ask the Albanese Government to announce a home electrification and efficiency package in the federal budget – and help people break free from greedy gas corporations!
Last year, when the "gas cartel" were called out by regulators for price fixing and unethical behaviour, GetUp members funded an explosive mini-documentary to expose them. Together, we reached over half a million people on social media platforms like Tiktok.3

Before that, GetUp members have driven and funded many successful campaigns, from household power switching, to the Home Grown Power Plan, to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

But there's more to be won, and the GetUp movement is built for this moment – because we're bold, ambitious, and have members in every corner of the country.

Now it's time to electrify the nation and create effiecient, climate-safe homes. Add your name!
[1] '2022 PowerHousing Australia CoreLogic Standard House Report', PowerHousing Australia, 4 November 2021.
[2] 'Warning of unprecedented heatwaves as El Niño set to return in 2023', The Guardian, 17 January 2023.
[3] 'Why the government must break eastern Australia's gas cartel', Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis', 15 August 2022.


Dear Treasurer Jim Chalmers, Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen, Assistant Climate and Energy Minister Jenny McAllister, and Housing Minister Julie Collins,

In collaboration with states and territories, we urge you to introduce an ambitious climate-smart homes package in the May federal budget so people can stay safe, go renewable, and save money.

Let’s upgrade homes with electrification, energy efficiency, gas appliance replacement, rooftop solar installation, and retrofits to protect homes from bushfires, storms, floods and heat.

People worst-hit by high fossil fuel power prices, poor housing, and climate impacts must be prioritised.

17,344 signatures

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