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Fight back against gas expansion

Caving to the gas industry, Resources Minister Madeleine King's dangerous plan would see polluting gas drilled, fracked and burned 'to 2050 and beyond'.1

Meanwhile, communities are suffering in the aftermath of extreme floods, fires and heat, caused by mining and burning coal, oil and gas.2

But this isn't a done deal. Pro-climate action Labor MPs came out swinging against Minister King's extreme pro-gas position, with Prime Minister Albanese forced to play down the plan.3,4

We need to act fast to show huge voter backlash to force the Albanese Government to listen to communities, not the gas lobby. Will you chip in?
Headline tearout from the Financial Times: Labor backs gas to 2050 and beyondTogether we can put a political price on prioritising fossil fuel corporations over the wellbeing of our communities.
Here's our plan to take on Minister King's disastrous gas plan:
  • Commission polling to show the Albanese Government overwhelming public support for renewable energy, not polluting fossil fuels.
  • Buy up ads across key Labor electorates with anti-gas and pro-climate action messages.
  • Mobilise our people-powered movement to remind the Albanese Government of their election commitments to listen to First Nations communities and take action on climate change.
And we need to act fast – before gas corporations succeed in weakening national environmental laws and ramming through massive new project approvals.5

Will you chip in now to fight back against gas expansion?
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