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Call for a national climate compensation fund!

Survivors of climate disasters shouldn't have to foot the bill for damage caused by reckless fossil fuel corporations.

We know coal, oil, and gas mining corporations are the biggest contributors to climate change. Because they cause the damage, they should pay to clean up the mess.

Together, we can call on our government to replace the burning of coal, oil, and gas with the power of renewable energy, and implement a national climate compensation fund that makes the corporations responsible help our communities get back on our feet.

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Sydney Morning Herald headline says 'Fire and flood: Climate change emergency should be top priority'. Background is bushfire with firefighter, and flood with two children
A national climate compensation fund would reduce the burden on everyday people and instead require big polluters to pay for the climate damage they cause.

The Australia Institute has a proposal for such a fund, financed by charging big corporations $1 per tonne of climate pollution from coal, oil and gas exports. At current export levels, that's $1.5 billion per year invested into the communities directly impacted by climate damage.1

In doing so, it'd protect the industries most exposed to climate damage, and fund the delivery of health and social services required to help our communities recover from such events.
Scientists have said repeatedly that flood disasters are made more likely by climate change. Burning coal and gas is the worst cause of climate damage, heating our planet and supercharging extreme weather.

They say this pattern, of long droughts followed by unprecedented downpours, is what we expect from climate change. A warmer and wetter atmosphere can hold more water vapour — around 7% more for every degree of warming — and provide greater energy for weather systems.2

Globally, and in many parts of Australia, we are already experiencing more of our rainfall in the form of torrential downpours.
[1] The National Climate Disaster Fund, The Australia Institute, December 2019.
[2] Everything you need to know about floods and climate change, The Climate Council, 2 March 2022.


Dear elected representatives of the Australian Federal Parliament:

Large coal, oil and gas corporations are the worst cause of climate damage. Communities pay billions each year to recover from climate disasters.

We demand you help communities recover, and protect us from even worse impacts:

  • Create a climate compensation fund paid for by the coal, oil and gas industries so they can pick up the tab for their damage.
  • Urgently replace burning coal and gas with renewable energy from the wind and sun.

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