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Naomi Klein at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas

On the 5th of September Naomi Klein delivered an intensely powerful talk, Capitalism and the Climate, at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, which we livestreamed to our members across the country.

Naomi's tour in Australia comes at a crucial juncture: in the lead up to the Paris climate negotiations in late November, we'll be rolling out an exciting strategy to build the power we need to divorce our government from the coal and gas industries.

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The live stream was made possible by the generous support of the Sydney Opera House.

Watch a recording of her talk below!

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Between now and the Paris Climate negotiations at the start of December, we'll be rolling out a bunch of exciting tactics to build a strong and diverse movement, and divorce the fossil fuel industry from our government's decision-making. If you want to be involved, click here and we'll be in touch!

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