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Tanya Plibersek: Reassess 18 coal and gas projects!

It's a battle of David and Goliath. A small but mighty community group has convinced Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek to reconsider a whopping 18 coal and gas projects – nearly every new project awaiting federal approval.
The Environment Centre of Central Queensland (ECoCeQ), together with their legal team from Environmental Justice Australia, provided the Minister with a stunning bank of evidence from 3,000 scientific documents, outlining the harm these climate-wrecking projects would cause to nationally significant cultural heritage, places, animals, and plants.

In response, she's put all 18 projects out for public comment.1 It's completely unprecedented – and we can't let this opportunity go to waste.

If she gets enough submissions from people like us, she'll be forced to reassess every project. And if we dial up the pressure enough, she'll feel the overwhelming public demand to scrap them.

We have an opportunity to show the Albanese Government how strongly the community opposes new coal or gas projects – but with barely a week till submissions close, we need to move fast.

Will you add your name to GetUp's submission calling on the Environment Minister to reassess all 18 coal and gas projects – and make your own submission too?
The Environment Centre of Central Queensland (ECoCeQ), together with their legal team from Environmental Justice Australia, have provided the Environment Minister with evidence from 3,000 documents and spreadsheets, documenting the direct and indirect impacts of climate change.2

For the first time, detailed fire impact maps demonstrate the devastating impact of climate-fuelled bushfire on the species and places under the Minister's watch.

With excruciating clarity, this evidence paints a grim picture of the current and projected climate risks to thousands of matters of national environmental significance.

ECoCeQ is arguing that the Minister has a responsibility to consider the immense and indisputable risks of harm from climate damage posed by new coal and gas proposals.

Will you call on the Minister to reconsider all 18 coal and gas projects on the basis of climate change?
The projects are:

  • North West Shelf Extension, Woodside Energy – Pilbara, WA
  • Narrabri Coal Mine Extension, Whitehaven Coal – North West NSW
  • Alpha North Coal Mine Project, Waratah Coal – Galilee Basin, West QLD
  • Gas Supply Security Project, Australia Pacific LNG – Surat and Bowen Basins, Central and South West QLD
  • Valeria Project, Glencore's Subsidiary Valeria Coal Holdings – Bowen Basin, Central QLD
    The Range Project, Stanmore Coal – Surat Basin, Central QLD
  • Ensham Coal Mine Life Extension, Idemitsu – Bowen Basin, Central QLD
  • Baralaba South Coal Project, Mount Ramsay Coal Company – Bowen Basin, Central QLD
  • Spur Hill Underground Coking Coal Project, Spur Hill Management – Upper Hunter Valley, NSW
  • China Stone Coal Mine Project, Macmines Austasia – Galilee Basin, Central QLD
  • Moorlands Open Cut Coal Mine Project, Cuesta Coal – Bowen Basin, Central QLD
  • Saraji East Coal Mine Project, BHP Billiton Mitsubishi BM Alliance – Central QLD
  • Winchester South coal Mine Project, Whitehaven – Central QLD
  • Lake Vermont Meadowbrook Coal Mine Project, Bowen Basin Coal – Central QLD
  • Mount Pleasant Optimisation Project, MACH Energy Australia – Upper Hunter, NSW
  • Boggabri Coal Mine Extension, Idemitsu – Northern NSW
  • Meandu Mine King 2 East Project, TEC Coal (Stanwell) – South East QLD
  • Caval Ridge Mine Horse Pit Extension, BHP Mitsubishi Alliance – Bowen Basin, Central QLD3
Add your name to GetUp's submission, asking the Minister to reconsider all 18 coal and gas projects!
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[2] Explore the evidence, Living Wonders, 2022.
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Call for all 18 coal and gas projects to be reassessed, by adding your name to GetUp's submission below. We're saying:

Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek must reassess 18 coal and gas projects on the basis of 3,000 scientific documents submitted by ECoCeQ that show:

  1. There is substantial new information about the climate harm from these projects, which was not considered before.
  2. These projects would have a significant impact on animals, plants, and places that are protected under the EPBC Act.

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