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Demand a fair visa for parents

Waiting list times for permanent family reunion visas are now up to 56 years!1

For this reason and more, migrant communities have been fighting for years for a fair temporary visa to bring our parents and grandparents to Australia – but the Liberal Government has broken its promise to do so.

Sponsorship applications have now opened for the Liberal Government's new temporary Sponsored Parent visa – but this visa is more expensive and more restrictive for our communities compared to existing visitor visas. For instance, families are forced to choose between in-law parents, creating family division. 2

The Liberal Government promised that we would not be paying high visa fees or be subject to caps on any parent visa - yet the visa they announced has done both, making it harder for us to reunite with our loved ones in Australia.3 They have broken their promise to our communities.

Migrants work hard in this country, and despite paying the same taxes, this Government has excluded us from support available to all other Australians to raise their children - such as maternity leave payments.4 Our parents and grandparents play an essential role in supporting us to build our lives in Australia. But without a fair temporary visa, our families remain split apart.

With the Federal Election only weeks away, our votes can decide which politicians stay in power. We have an opportunity now to demand all our politicians live up to their promises and implement a fair, timely pathway to keep our families together here.

Can you sign the petition and call on politicians in every political party commit to providing a fair and accessible temporary long stay parent visa?
Existing visitor visa
  • 2 years stay
  • Fee = $140
  • No Sponsorship necessary
  • Australian Insurance not Required
  • Total visa numbers not capped
  • No restrictions on numbers of sets of parents
Liberal Government's new temporary sponsored parent visa
  • 3 year continuous stay
  • Fee = $5000 -$20,000
  • Sponsorship requirements must be met
  • Insurance required
  • Visas limited to 15,000 a year
  • Visas restricted to only one set of parents per family
The Liberal Government initially promised our communities that the fees required to apply for a temporary visa would be a refundable bond. Now, they are asking for a non-refundable upfront payment of between $5000-20,000, making this visa far too costly for most families.

They also promised to avoid capping visa numbers however, they have restricted visas to 15,000 per year and limited the visa availability to only one set of parents - meaning many families will have to choose which parents or in-laws they are able to bring down. 5

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The Government's new Temporary Sponsored parent visa is unfair, unaffordable, and not what they promised migrant communities.

With the Federal election around the corner, our votes can determine Government.

We call on all politicians in every party to commit to a fair and accessible temporary long stay parent visa.

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