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The Government can’t ignore us any longer

Over the past few months, our communities have been severely impacted by the virus. Many have lost work, are struggling to pay rent and are burning through savings fast.

Despite making this country home, over 2 million people on temporary visas have been shut out of all forms of Federal income support.

Even as the government has committed to ensuring that "Australia remains a priority destination" for future international students — acknowledging the $40 billion contribution made to the economy each year — it has continued to ignore those of us who are here, and need support.1

Our communities have had enough of being treated like cash cows. That's why International students across the country have signed onto a report card that grades the government's treatment of people on temporary visas during the pandemic — and the results are a resounding failure.

We can't allow the government to keep trying to entice us to Australia, while ignoring thousands of us who have built a life here and are struggling through the pandemic.

That's why we're taking back our power, raising our voices, and making sure the government hears us loud and clear.

If enough of us share the report card and cause a firestorm on social media, it'll show the government that they can't continue to ignore our calls for support.

Can you share the report card on social media with key politicians to make sure they see it?
Keep your message clear and concise. Here is an example of what you could say:

Tired of being ignored, intl students and people on temporary visas have given the Gov's covid response a fail grade. Will you improve your grade by extending income support to our communities? #AusGovFail

Don't forget to include a link to the report card!

And use the hashtag #AusGovFail !
Internatioanl student representative bodies and student unions across the country have signed onto the report card. These include:
  • The University of Sydney Student's Representative Council
  • Melbourne Polytechnic International Student Association
  • University of Wollongong Undergraduate Student Association
  • University of Western Australia Student Guild International Students Department
  • Monash Student Association People of Colour Department
  • Monash University International Student Service
  • Council of International Students Australia
  • Australian National University Student Association International Student Department
  • University of Melbourne Student Union International Student Department

  • These groups represent thousands of international students across the country, in a powerful display of communities standing united against the government's unfair treatment of people on temporary visas.

    Would you like to add your student union/ international student organisation to the list? Get in touch at [email protected]
[1] Joint media release - Supporting international students to support Australian jobs, The Hon Alan Tudge MP, 20 July 2020

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