What will protect our people from racial discrimination if section 18c of the anti-discrimination act is repealed?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Attorney General George Brandis seek to repeal section 18c in the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth).

Repealing this section of the Act will be the first piece of legislation Senator Brandis will introduce to Parliament. It is our right as humans to feel safe in this country - do not let the Coalition government take that right away!

In Australia's multicultural society, everyone should have the right to feel welcome. Personally, I have witnessed discrimination based upon race in this country. My partner is Korean and I have many friends of all different nationalities, as I'm sure many of you do.
I fear for my loved ones safety if these laws change, and I don't wish to see anybody else have to be subject to such humiliation simply because of their race.
I received an email response from MP Kelvin Thomson in the Wills electorate. He had told me at the time he had not read over the proposed changes. However he assured me that the changes would not be as radical as I suspected. How can he assure me that these changes will not affect the ones we love and protect them under the law, when there is no law to protect them?

This isn't about restricting free speech – this is about protecting vulnerable Australians from being unfairly discriminated against or humiliated based on their race.

All forms of discrimination need to be wiped out in this country - and removing Section 18c is not the answer.