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Can't volunteer on election day? You can chip in to help fund our work.

Here's what your donation could do:

  • $75.55 sponsors three volunteers talking to 750 voters. That's a four hour shift at one polling booth.
  • $302.35 sponsors a team of ten volunteers talking to 3,000 voters. That's one whole day at a polling place.
  • $1209.55 can sponsor activity in an entire electorate, reaching 24,000 voters.
  • $11,037.55 could cover all our booths in Western Australia, a crucial Senate race this election.
  • $22,075.15 could cover all our booths in South Australia and Western Australia, the two most important Senate races.
  • A whopping $181,503.15 - funds all of our efforts on polling day! (We can dream, right?)

Or you could click here to volunteer.