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GetUp Live!

The last GetUp Live! webcast before the Federal Election on 7 September will be streaming live tonight at 6:30pm EST Monday 2 September, right here.
Please RSVP by entering your email address on the right and we'll send you a quick reminder!


GetUp Live! Monday 2 September 2013:

Message Board:

1. Monday 05 August 2013

2. Monday 12 August 2013

3. Monday 19 August 2013

3. Monday 26 August 2013

1. Have a question about our election campaign? Email us at

2. Tweet at us on Twitter. During live webcasts, we'll using the hashtag #getuplive - Let us know you're tuning in!

3. Chat with other members live via the Scribble Message Board directly under the webstream. This message board is live from 6pm to 7pm.
Q - I can't see the webcast, what's going on?
A - There's a slight delay on youtube, so if it doesn't stream for you at 6:30pm on the dot, keep refreshing and it should come up.

Q - The audio is really soft, what can I do?
A - Try maxing out your volume on your computer and on the embedded youtube livestream. If it's consistently soft, let us know in the message board and we'll see if we can tweak it from our end.

Q - I don't know if I can tune in on the schedule time, will the livestream be recorded so I can watch it later?
A - Absolutely! Check here after the scheduled time and you'll see a recording. If you can't see it on the main page, it will be in the first pop down accordion called "Recordings of past GetUp Live! Webcasts".


Enter your email address below to RSVP to the special GetUp member webcast at 6:30pm on Monday 26th August.

Now that the Election date has been set, it's game on for GetUp members. Are you excited? We're excited too!

Tune in for a quick 10-15 minute rundown on what the election means for GetUp members and get the inside word on what's coming up.

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