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Children out of Detention

Thanks to the donations of GetUp members, four young refugees - all who had been in detention as children - were able to tell their stories to key politicians in Canberra. Our delegation of young refugees delivered a petition signed by over 40,000 GetUp members while they were there. Politicians were astounded - some were in tears. Watch the video!

Want to know more about refugees and policy? You can also check out the mythbusting fact sheet or watch the video.

What else have GetUp members achieved?

After the Federal Government announced it was suspending the processing of asylum seeker claims of Afghan and Sri Lankan nationals, $113,499 was raised by GetUp members for this ad featuring former Afghan refugee, Riz Wakil.
GetUp members then raised $16,100 for a charity auction bid, winning Riz Wakil a surfing lesson with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. After winning the surfing lesson with Tony Abbott, GetUp members raised $67,829 to put this new ad on the air.
Tony Abbott and Riz Wakil took up their surfing lesson at Manly Beach in May! Afterwards, Riz sat down with Tony Abbott over brunch and had a chance to tell him his thoughts on the opposition's and the government's policies on immigration detention. Check out these videos to see what happened…
Thousands of GetUp members signed petitions and chipped in $11,062 to send former refugees to Canberra, forcing our politicians to recognise the hardship of paying off detention debt.
When asylum seekers were granted refugee status and able to begin their lives in Australia, the Federal Government had a policy of charging them for the cost of detaining them in detention centres while their claims were processed, sending them detention bills. (For information on detention debt, click here.)
The Government subsequently scrapped detention debt.