For the first time hundreds of GetUp members have come together to use their shareholder power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of a top 20 ASX company: Woolworths Ltd.

Will you join us in this historic tactic by signing the petition to support the resolution we will be putting forth at the EGM? The resolution would require Woolworths to make their poker machines safer for communities. We must demonstrate that it's not just shareholders that are counting on Woolworths to do the right thing, but also customers across the country. Please add your name to this petition, to be delivered by shareholders to the Woolworths Board at the EGM: Sign on to support the resolution using our simple tool on the right. Here is the language of the resolution:

If passed, the resolution would amend the constitution of Woolworths Ltd to prevent it owning, operating or benefiting from:

"any electronic gaming machine offering games to the public:

i. at a cost of more than $1 per button push; and/or

ii. by which the machine is capable of generating net revenue at an average rate of more than $120 per hour; and/or

iii. for more than 18 consecutive hours in a 24 hour period"

from January 2016 onward.

Read the member statement (called a 249P) that hundreds of GetUp members signed-on to and that Woolworths must send to all 500,000 shareholders if the EGM request is granted here