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Expose the truth on pokies

Woolworths - Australia's single largest owner of dangerous, high-loss poker machines - have been caught out misleading their own shareholders in a notice about the company's upcoming Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to discuss poker machine reform.

Woolworths have used selective and out of context quotes from the Productivity Commission's research into poker machine reform – in order to argue against the very reforms the Productivity Commission recommended.

With donations from GetUp members we published the ad below in the Financial Review - the most widely read publication for Australian investors - calling Woolworths out on misleading shareholders. But there's still lots more work to do. Can you chip in using the secure donation tool on the right to keep this campaign going?

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What Woolworths said
What the Productivity Commission said
"...there is no reliable evidence that the proposed measures will have any meaningful impact on problem gambling." – p2

" There are strong grounds to lower the bet limit to   around $1 per 'button push', instead of the current $5–10. Accounting for   adjustment costs and technology, this can be fully implemented within six years." - p 2
"The proposed measures are not supported by any political, community or industry consensus"   – p3

"…governments and the community see the need for a   level of regulations of [poker machines] in excess of that required for most   other consumer products." – 11.2

"Most people gamble responsibly, enjoy gaming and are not harmed by it" - p5

"The potential for significant harm from some types   of gambling is what distinguishes it from most other enjoyable recreational   activities — and underlines the community's ambivalence towards it. (One   large-scale survey found that three quarters of Australian adults thought   that gambling did more harm than good for the community — a view unlikely to   apply to most other legal recreational pursuits.)" – p 10
For context, see Woolworths, Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting, 18 October 2012, fromASX website, , accessed 18 October 2012.For context, see Productivity Commission 2010, Gambling, Report no. 50, Canberra.