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Woolworths Special Delivery

Can you deliver a personal letter to ask Woolworths to make their poker machines safer?

Download the pdf document below, print it out and complete it, then deliver it to your local Woolworths store the next time you are there.

Click here to download a copy of the letter.

Click here to download a black and white copy of the letter.

(Right click or option-click the link and choose "Save Link As..." to download the file.)

Make sure that you deliver the letter before 31 October to make sure that Woolworths get the feedback before the EGM.

Should I give this to the store manager or to a shop assistant?

You can give it to a shop assistant or to the store manager. We suggest that you do your grocery shopping as usual and choose a staffed checkout counter. When you are finished at the counter, politely ask the shop assistant to take the letter and hand it to their store manager. Ask for them to commit to giving the letter to their store manager or if they won't do that, ask to speak to the store manager in person.

If you aren't sure what to say, you could try:
"I've written a letter to your store manager asking Woolworths to make the poker machines they own safer. If I give this to you will you make sure that your store manager gets it?"

How will this make a difference?

Woolworths keep track of feedback from customers at their stores. When thousands of GetUp members together give the feedback about poker machines that will set off alarm bells for Woolworths management. Your letter will also be seen by staff along the way informing Woolworths employees about what their employer is up to.

Is this legal?

There is nothing illegal about providing feedback to a company about their business. Most companies encourage customers to provide feedback. Shouldn't we be avoiding shopping at Woolworths?

If you don't want to shop at Woolworths because they don't share your values, then that's great! But big companies might not notice that they lost your business if you don't tell them why. There's a big space on our letter for you to fill in your own message. If you want to let Woolworths know that you will stop or have stopped shopping at Woolworths because of pokies or any other issue, then why not deliver a letter and let them know?

I don't shop at Woolworths. What can I do? Why not take the opportunity to write to Woolworths to let them know what they need to do to earn your business?

I don't have a printer at home.

Fill in your details in the tool on the right and check the box to say that you would like to have material mailed to you. We will mail you out a copy of the letter that you can complete and deliver to your local Woolworths store. We'll send it out by Australia Post and make sure that it gets to you in plenty of time to deliver the letter no matter were you are in Australia.


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