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Michael West is one of Australia's most respected independent investigative journalists.

He will drop three explosive exposés per week over the next four weeks, uncovering the record profits and shameless tax cheating of Australia's largest multinationals. But he needs your support to pull it off.

Prime Minister Turnbull is doing his best to distract from the unprecedented transfer of wealth at the heart of this year's budget: a $48 billion Big Business tax cut that will see everyday Australians foot the bill.

That's why GetUp members are teaming up with top journalist, Michael West, to put the focus back on the corporate interests being served by this government.

Together, we'll fast-track a suite of forensic investigations to unearth the financial interests of the dirty oil and gas corporations, the Big Banks, the private health insurance industry, and more.

But we can't do it without your help. Will you chip in now?
Former business editor at Fairfax Media, Michael West has over 20 years experience reporting on corporate financial affairs. Through deep investigations into corporate financial data, he has exposed tax cheating by the likes of Google, Ebay, Glencore, BHP, Rio Tinto – to name a few.

West was instrumental to getting the senate inquiry into tax avoidance off the ground, so much so that the 2015 reforms to the Tax Act were called 'The West Amendment'!

Last year, West was an integral part of GetUp's campaign to stop the sale of the ASIC registry – a move that would have seen Big Business take control of Australia's corporate database.

Want to know more? Check out his independent website here.