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Crack down on Corporate Tax Cheating!

Data released by the ATO has revealed that while the Morrison Government has been preoccupied with bullying income support recipients with robodebt threats – hundreds of Australia's largest corporations have been making off with billions in unpaid taxes.
An image of Scott Morrison in black and white beside a headline that reads "751 massive corporations paid no tax this year
Data released by the ATO has already shown a multi-billion dollar tax hole over the last seven years – and experts are saying the real figure is likely to be much higher.2

Meanwhile, vital public services and infrastructure are getting cut across the board. From slow internet to longer hospital waiting lines to over-crowded schools, the real effects of tax cheating are always felt by everyday people.

How do these multinationals get away with it?

By using wealth to access tax loopeholes and offshore havens to hide their shady practices.

No corporation makes a dime in this country without using government-provided services. But instead of paying their share in return, these companies act like they own the place.

It's time we showed them – and their mates in government – that we aren't going to let this slide.

Will you sign the petition to join tens of thousands of Australians calling on Scott Morrison to crack down on corporate tax cheats?
Click here to see the full list of companies paying no tax.


Make sure corporate tax dodgers pay their fair share, so everyday Australians don't get stuck with the bill.

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