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✍️ SIGN ON: Federal funding for local jobs!

Coronavirus has hit us hard – with almost two million people out of work.

Local and State governments are crying out for additional support, but we need federal funding to come to the table.

Everywhere you look there are opportunities to connect the untapped potential of people with the unmet needs of our communities.

We need more people than ever on our farms and in our warehouses. We need people on the other side of the phone when people seek health or Centrelink support. We need people who can prepare meals, and deliver them to those in self-isolation.

We rapidly need the Federal Government to implement public investment in meaningful, safe, and decently-paid jobs. Can you sign this petition and demand federal funding for local jobs, to give people dignified work and strengthen our society?

COVID-19 means that many jobs we used to do aren't safe anymore. But there are millions of jobs that need doing right now that would benefit our communities while providing people with the stable employment they need to get through this pandemic.

Here are some jobs the Government should create to fulfil society's needs and give power to people's skills and passions:

  • Manufacturing masks, swabs, and other medical necessities.

  • Delivering supplies to people who can't leave the house.

  • Renewing and regenerating our environment.

  • Producing innovative art and entertainment.

  • Helping communities devastated by bushfires rebuild.

  • Working in virtual care and social services for people in aged care.

Last night's budget deficit was $200 billion dollars – and even the government agrees we'll have to keep spending big for years to come.

The question we face is no longer "can we afford it?", but "what should we spend on?"

That's a question that progressives have got better answers for – more popular answers for. People like government's funding health care, aged care, childcare, and education. People want the government to be doing more to seize the opportunities of renewable energy in creating jobs, bringing down prices and lowering our emissions.

If this crisis has taught us anything, it's that what is politically possible can change quicker than we think. But it won't happen unless we fight for it – together.
The Andrew's government's "Working for Victoria" proposal early in the pandemic provides a model for what a large scale public sector employment program could look like. The challenge is that not every state has the finances to do this on their own – federal funding is essential.

We're simply asking that the government (already the single largest employer in the Australian economy) should do what private corporations can't: ensure that nobody is left out or left behind.


To the Morrison Government,

Millions of people are losing their jobs. In this time of crisis we need the Government to ensure people have decently paid, secure work to lead our economic recovery.

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