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No Cuts to JobSeeker & JobKeeper

While experts say the economic downturn could last two years1the government is threatening to roll back support measures like JobSeeker and JobKeeper early.2

Throwing millions of unemployed people and businesses out in the cold in the midst of a crisis is both cruel and confused. They must be stopped. Frydenberg-No-Cuts
In his address to the nation, Josh Frydenberg was silent on the government's plans. He knows the damage that austerity measures would cause.

Experts, social services, unemployed advocates, and frontline charities have been clear that winding back protections will inflict untold suffering on our communities.3

But with the government going silent, there's an opportunity for a massive public outcry to change their political calculus – forcing them to listen to real people, not the Murdoch Press and IPA.

Will you join the call to extend JobSeeker and JobKeeper payments beyond September?
JobKeeper and JobSeeker – along with the Covid supplement – is keeping people out of poverty. For many unemployed people, this is the first time in their life their standard of living is above the poverty line.

Poverty isn't acceptable during a crisis – and it won't be acceptable after the crisis.

We need to make sure this safety net remains to make sure we never let anyone starve or go without shelter again.
[1] "Quick bounce back unlikely for Australian economy post-coronavirus despite political optimism", ABC News, 11 May 2020

[2] "Liberal MPs push for ways out of JobKeeper and JobSeeker schemes", Sydney Morning Herald, 11 May 2020

[3] "'Time to click reset': coronavirus offers chance to end Australia's welfare wars", The Guardian, 10 May 2020



Experts are saying the economic devastation of this crisis will be felt for years.

Households and businesses need certainty that their government will support them through this crisis and beyond.

You must extend JobSeeker and JobKeeper payments beyond September.

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