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Out of this crisis: a People's Recovery

Since this crisis began, things that once seemed impossible have come into reach.

People can afford to send their kids to childcare, give them presents on their birthdays, and keep food on the table – even when things are tough.
But Scott Morrison wants that window slammed shut. He knows that the more time people spend secure in the knowledge they can make ends meet, the harder it will be to take all that away.

We must push back against this cruel political retreat – but we must also go further. Now is the time to provide a bold alternative vision that sets the standard by which the Morrison Government's choices will be judged.

A vision of resilient jobs, clean investment and an economy that puts people first.

Sign the petition calling for a People's Recovery.

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison,

We demand a recovery that puts people first, with:

  • well-paid work for all who want it
  • lifelong education and training
  • universal access to early education
  • a guaranteed basic income
  • a roof over every head
  • investment in clean energy
  • a public interest banking system

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