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Who's behind the PM?

Morrison and his friends in the coal lobby are attacking GetUp members on the front page of The Australian because of the threat we pose to their coal agenda.

As Scott Morrison calls for the fourth investigation into GetUp's independence, who's calling for a good hard look into the right-wing groups that backed his government? No one will, if we don't do it together.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is the independent umpire of our electoral system. Eric Abetz and Scott Morrison can write them a letter. But we can be a movement of tens of thousands of everyday people calling for proper scrutiny of all political actors, including coal interests and right-wing groups like the IPA.

Sign the petition to ensure right-wing groups are properly investigated by our independent umpire.


To: Tom Rogers, The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)

As the independent umpire of our electoral system, we ask the AEC to apply scrutiny evenly and fairly across the political spectrum, including into groups that back the government of the day.

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