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Our voting rights are under attack

The Morrison Government has done a deal with One Nation – pushing for compulsory voter identification laws that would make it harder for people to vote.1

Voting should be free, fair and easy for everyone – but these racist and undemocratic restrictions will create barriers for First Nations people and others who use their vote to fight against fracking, for climate action and against income inequality.2

These laws could be voted on as early as this week – and two Senators who have the power to stop this bill in its track still haven't revealed how they will vote.

So it's up to all of us to step up the fight and demand politicians oppose any attempt to undermine voting rights

A wave of public pressure can force politicians to vote on the right side of history. We've seen it before and it's time to ensure it happens again – will you sign the petition?
The Morrison Government has tabled a bill calling for a dangerous overhaul of our electoral system.

  • This bill is racist and unfair: These laws will most unfairly impact First Nations people, in particular those living in rural and remote Aboriginal communities with no fixed or conventional address. But it will also affect people experiencing homelessness, people with disabilities (particularly intellectual disabilities), elderly and young people, people fleeing violence, and people for whom English is their second language. The bill can only be seen to be a direct attack on these communities' right to vote.3,4

  • This bill is not based on evidence: Evidence of people voting twice in Australia is basically nonexistent according to the Australian Electoral Commission. However, the use of voter fraud to stoke fear is a tactic right out of Donald Trump's handbook to destabilize our democracy.5

  • There are valid reasons why people don't have ID: It's normal for many people in Australia to not have a current ID – not having a conventional or fixed address, fleeing violence, homelessness, and financial difficulties, can all mean someone might not have an ID. It's not a good enough reason to deny someone the vote.

  • This bill will cause confusion: The technicalities introduced by these laws will lead people to believe they can't vote, and greatly reduce voter turnout in some communities. Even those who do make it to the polls without ID will be faced with inadequate and risky backup options to help them vote. It's not good enough.
[1] Pauline Hanson claims credit for Coalition's controversial voter ID laws, The Guardian, 28 October, 2021.
[2] Proposed voter ID laws 'real threat' to rights of Indigenous Australians and people without homes, The Guardian, 27 October, 2021


To the Morrison Government and the Australian Parliament:

We call on politicians to oppose any changes to our electoral system that would undermine voter rights and democratic participation.

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