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We're taking our lead from Bernie...

In the aftermath of Donald Trump's shock victory, Australia's far-right ideologues are looking to exploit people's anger at a political system flooded with Big Money.

That's why we need to mobilise people-power to reform our broken political finance system – and it starts right now.
On Wednesday, the GetUp movement will testify before a Parliamentary Committee to present our five-point democratic reform agenda. To make our message heard, we need the weight of tens of thousands of everyday people, calling for reform of our broken system – before it's too late.

Will you sign the petition to put people back at the heart of our democracy – and get Big Money out of politics once and for all?

Here's our five-point plan to get Big Money out of politics

Taking our lead from Bernie Sanders' inspiring people-powered campaign, we're launching a hard-hitting plan to put people back at the heart of our democracy and restore trust in Australia's political institutions.

1. Stop the money game: Cap the amount any individual or corporation can donate at $1000 per financial year, and introduce expenditure caps on election campaigns to remove incentives to amass huge political fighting funds.

2. End the shroud of secrecy: Require all donations above $500 to be publicly disclosed on the internet in real-time, including donations to and from affiliated entities.

3. Stop offshore entities buying political influence: Prohibit any corporation or entity not registered in Australia, or any individual who doesn't have citizenship or residency, from making donations.

4. A corruption watchdog with teeth: Create an independent federal corruption watchdog with broad investigative powers.

5. Close the revolving door: Prevent Members of Parliament from engaging in lobbying work for a period of three years after they leave office.
A huge thank you to the 3300 GetUp members who chipped in to fund reserch into the millions of dollars in untraceable Big Money flooding our politicial system. We will be releasing the report on Tuesday (in order to create a media storm right before Wednesday's parliamentary hearing), so be sure to keep your eye out...
Next week, GetUp will testify before the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters to speak to our submission. It details our reform plan to get Big Money out of politics, as well as our incredible 2016 election effort. Thanks to all the GetUp members who contributed their two cents to this report!


To Prime Scott Morrison, and the Honourable Members of the House and Senate:

We call on you to reform Australia's broken system of political finance. To crack down on big money pay-offs that buy political influence and rebuild a completely transparent system that amplifies the small contributions of everyday Australians.

58,540 signatures

We need 6,460 more

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