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We need a federal anti-corruption watchdog – with teeth!

The push for a federal anti-corruption watchdog is gaining momentum. But to truly take on corruption – it needs to have teeth.

Labor have indicated they're "looking closely" at supporting a federal anti-corruption watchdog. But a powerful cadre of insiders – worried about saving their own skins – are trying to make sure whatever policy Labor adopts has no teeth.

So a team of esteemed retired judges – the National Integrity Commission – released a detailed new blueprint, outlining exactly what features a federal anti-corruption watchdog needs to truly take on official misconduct.

We need to make sure every Labor MP and Senator that this blueprint is the yardstick any corruption policy they come up with will be measured against. Can you email the blueprint to your Labor MP or Senator right now?
According to this team of esteemed retired judges – an effective anti-corruption watchdog would need:
  1. Independence – so that it's immune from political interference
  2. Broad jurisdiction – so that corrupt politicians can't hide behind their office or state boundaries
  3. The investigative powers of a Royal Commission – so no stone remains unturned
  4. Open public hearings – because you can't fight corruption behind closed doors
  5. Fixed terms for investigators – so they can't be hired and fired for political reasons
  6. The ability to refer for prosecution – so corrupt politicians face real consequences for their misdeeds

Read more here or download the full report.
The National Integrity Commission – working with The Australia Institute – has organised an open letter from legal experts, academics and retired judges. See the open letter here.

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