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We're under attack

Will you stand with us as we face our greatest threat ever?

Senator Abetz is pushing a twisted government investigation, trying to force us to abandon our political independence. We need your support to fight back.

Why now, why us – and why must we act?

To weaken GetUp, Abetz and Dutton are using the threat of criminal penalties to force us into becoming an "associated entity" of Labor and the Greens. We can't submit to their lie — even if it means facing off in court.

As GetUp members, we act for the benefit of millions of everyday Australians -- not politicians or parties.

To match their government-funded attack we will engage the legal firepower of an experienced law firm and one of the most respected barristers in the country. It's our greatest hour of need. Will you join our movement?

An "associated entity" is a group that works wholly, or to a significant extent, for the benefit of a political party. The most common example are organisations set up to fund political parties.

GetUp does not act for the benefit of politicians or parties. GetUp operates wholly for the benefit of everyday Australians and to fight for a more fair, flourishing and just Australia. In fact, not a single dollar has ever been exchanged between GetUp and any political party. We have always been independent and we won't submit to Dutton and Abetz's lie.
Twice before, Senator Abetz and others on the hard right have pushed the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to review our independence, and twice before they came up empty.

There are criminal penalties for being an 'associated entity" of a political party without declaring it. The deadline for declaring was Friday, 20 October, and once again GetUp has firmly decided not to associate with any party — we are, as always, fiercely independent.

Why is this time different? GetUp members are having more impact than ever before, and that's drawing lots of attention. There's been a lot more shouting by Abetz, Dutton and others on the hard right, with the Murdoch Press giving front page space to their false claims.

Now the AEC's preliminary review seems stacked against us, with cherry-picked facts and twisted legal interpretations. They have refused to meet with us, refused to answer essential questions and refused to consider our robust response until after the deadline passed.

Former Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs recently warned the public about government-led attacks against civil society, mentioning GetUp as a specific target. So it's critical we stand up in this moment to defend the independence of GetUp members. And it's critical we stand up for all those who campaign on issues and values, independent of the political establishment.
This is a legal fight and Abetz and Dutton are coming at us with the resources of the federal government. So we need a respected law firm and one of the best barristers in the country to fight back.

We've already needed significant legal advice to provide the AEC with a comprehensive review of our major campaigns. We're boldly, unashamedly proud of the incredible impact GetUp members have had in our values-led campaigns, so the truth is our best argument.

But that's just the beginning. There's still more to go with the AEC. Then if they reach a final determination that we're an "associated entity", it will trigger a formal criminal investigation that we'll fight all the way to court, and the expenses will skyrocket.

Imposing big legal expenses on an advocacy group is itself a tactic to take us away from our important campaign work. We're determined not to let that happen — for us not to spend one minute less campaigning for a more fair, flourishing and just Australia.

But to do that, we need thousands of members to chip in today to cover these considerable legal costs and keep us campaigning for what's right.