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It's a killer blow

Our lawyers just uncovered a killer clause in the Turnbull Government's new anti-democratic legislation that would decimate GetUp's ability to fundraise. Can you dig deep to help establish a GetUp Survival War Chest -- while we still can?

If passed, this killer clause would force anyone who contributes as little as $4.80 a week to the GetUp movement to provide a signed and witnessed statutory declaration.

The impossibility of collecting thousands upon thousands of these documents would spell the end of people-powered fundrasing as we know it.

Of course, we're going to fight tooth and nail to stop this legislation in its tracks. But to prepare for the worst, we're creating a GetUp Survival War Chest, to ensure we can keep our campaigns thriving no matter what.

Can you dig deep now (while we still can) as an act of defiance against this effort to choke off our people powered impact?
If this bill passes in its current form, people-powered campaigning organisations – such as GetUp – won't be able to accept donations as little as $4.80 a week across a full year without obtaining a statutory declaration from the donor certifying that they are an allowable donor (an Australian citizen or permanent resident). This declaration will need to be signed and witnessed, by a Justice of the Peace.

Statutory declarations are an onerous process typically reserved for extremely serious matters such as court proceedings and applying for partner visas. You don't even need one to get a drivers license or buy a house. And there are much simpler ways to verify that someone is not a foreign donor, such as a simple online verification used on donation forms in the U.S.

The bedrock of GetUp's people-powered fundraising are the more than 14,000 members who make a weekly or monthly donations to support our work, as well as the thousands of members who make multiple donations through the year. Requiring them to get a statutory declaration just to donate to the causes they care about is a completely unreasonable burden on them. And it is an impossible burden on a lean organisation like GetUp, which raises money online from tens of thousands of people.

The likely result would be a loss of more than half our people-powered fundraising every year, which would have a devastating impact on our campaign and election work.
Our lawyers uncovered this killer clause deep inside the same legislation that contains the 'GetUp clause' and would put a gag order on Australian charities, the Electoral Legislation Amendment (Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform) Bill 2017.

Ostensibly geared towards protecting Australian politics from foreign interference, this bill is a Trojan Horse attack on our democracy.

Yes, although both clauses are found in the Electoral Legislation Amendment (Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform) Bill 2017.

The 'GetUp clause' dramatically redefines the definition of an 'associated entity' such that it would force GetUp members to 'associate' with one or more political parties, undermining our movement's independence.

Yes – GetUp supports banning foreign donations to politicians, political parties, associated entites – and we support that ban extending to us as well.

It's worth noting, however, that GetUp doesn't get many foreign donations – only around 0.5% of our lifetime contributions have been from overseas.