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ICAC gutted: Don't let them get away with it

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A Premier deciding who can get away with corruption and who can't? Australians won't stand for it. Add your name to the petition now.
The NSW Liberals just savaged the country's only corruption watchdog. It's an extraordinary move that could have a dangerous chilling effect on a growing push for more accountability and transparency at a federal level.

That's why we need to make a powerful example of the Premier's crooked move.

We'll do this with a massive petition, signed by tens of thousands of people from right across the country. The petition will be writ large in Premier Baird's electorate with a giant billboard.
Here is GetUp's five point reform plan:

1. Stop the money game: Cap the amount any individual or corporation can donate at $1000 per financial year, and introduce expenditure caps on election campaigns to remove incentives to amass huge political fighting funds.

2. End the shroud of secrecy: Require all donations above $500 to be publicly disclosed on the internet in real-time, including donations to and from affiliated entities.

3. Stop offshore entities buying political influence: Prohibit any corporation or entity not registered in Australia, or any individual who doesn't have citizenship or residency, from making donations.

4. A corruption watchdog with teeth: Create an independent federal corruption watchdog with broad investigative powers.

5. Close the revolving door: Prevent Members of Parliament from engaging in lobbying work for a period of three years after they leave office.


If politicians won't hold themselves to account – then we need to do it for them.

To Premier Mike Baird:

Australians deserve corruption-free politics. We need strong, independent corruption watchdogs with broad investigative powers at a federal level – and for every state and territory.