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The elephant in the room

The Parliamentary Joint Select Committee on Electoral Matters (JSCEM) has released a discussion paper. In it, they lay out three "major problems" with Australia's electoral system.

There's just one small issue…

The ability of corporations and the 1% to pump literally millions of dollars into political party coffers with zero accountability or oversight isn't even mentioned. Oops.

So we need hundreds of people to write in and tell JSCEM about the issues they should really be focusing on – vested corporate interests buying up control of our democracy.

Will you take two minutes and write a submission to JSCEM demanding that they take corporate donations seriously?

Every election, the interests of the public are forced to compete with fat cat donors with the cash to buy political favours and special treatment. It's time we start making it impossible for politicians to put corporate donors before public good.
  • The Joint Select Committee on Electoral Matters is charged with investigating all matters related to the conduct of Australian elections. You'd think that the conflict of interest inherent in political donations would be high priority to such a body, right?

  • This paper will lay the groundwork for democratic reform leading up to the next election. It's crucial that it includes corporate donations reform.

  • Victoria's state Premier just announced a plan to tackle political donations by capping them at $4000 per person or entity.

  • You may have your own story about how corporate political influence has affected your electorate or local area - this is the perfect place to share it!

  • Millions of dollars in corporate donations flow into the coffers of political parties every year. It isn't a coincidence that Scott Morrison walked into parliament holding a lump of coal.

Have your say!

The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters (JSCEM) is operating under the assumption that ordinary people engaging with politics is more of a problem than massive corporate influence undermining our democracy.

Make a submission now, and tell them pay attention to the real threats to our politics!

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