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This man influencing our kids' curriculum?

It's been reported he called our Prime Minister an "abo lover," made lewd comments about a sexual abuse survivor, and he's taken aim at "fatsoes" "chinky-poos" "mussies" and many others. Who is this man? Believe it or not, Professor Barry Spurr is the appointed "consultant" to our country's national English Curriculum.

His goal for our schools? He's been quoted to say, "greater emphasis on western Judeo-Christian culture". Oh – and using his extensive vocabularly as a poetry professor at the University of Sydney to insult and degrade as many Australians as possible.

Do you want our kids' schooling influenced by a man with such despicable world views? Sign the petition calling on Christopher Pyne to take immediate action to dismiss his role as advisor to Australia's education curriculum and on Sydney University to take immediate action to address Mr Spurr's inexcusable actions.
Image via New Matilda

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Disturbingly, this isn't the first time we've seen nonsense like this from specially appointed consultants. A few months ago, GetUp members were part of a strong backlash to comments from the co-chair of the National Curriculum Review, Kevin Donnelly, who said that corporal punishment was "effective" in schools.

The game is up. Let's show we've had enough of our hand-picked curriculum consultants who espouse these hateful views.


To Education Minister Christopher Pyne and The University of Sydney,

Anyone who perpetuates racist, sexist, bigoted and hateful attitudes is unfit to be in a position of leadership and to influence school curriculum for Australia's students.

We call on you to condemn Professor Barry Spurr's bigoted, reprehensible and hateful words.

We also call on the Vice-Chancellor at Sydney University to take immediate action to suspend his position while undertaking a review of his future as a Professor of Poetry at the University of Sydney.

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