Birthdays are often big wake-up calls, and no one needs one more than Education Minister Christopher Pyne. Despite polling to suggest his university changes are among the most unpopular budget measures, he's insisting that public opinion is on his side and is doing everything he can to sell key crossbench senators on his plan.

So, in honour of Mr Pyne's birthday this week, we're working with the National Union of Students to take a powerful message right to his doorstop. This Friday, GetUp members will stand with students representing every major university in the country to deliver enormous novelty-sized birthday cards straight to Minister Pyne's electorate office. Check out the card below!

But before we land on his doorstep, we need to kick the legs out from under the claim that public opinion is on side — with tens of thousands of Australians adding their names to reject his changes to university fees.

Will you sign Mr Pyne's enormous "birthday card" right now to ensure that Mr Pyne doesn't blow out our future along with his candles?