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The end of public education

Don't cut public education funding.
A leaked government paper has revealed a proposal by the Abbott Government to end Commonwealth funding of public education and make some parents pay to send their children to a public school.[1]

These changes, if passed, would represent the end of our world-class public education system as we know it.

Education Minister Pyne and Prime Minister Abbott appear hell-bent on tearing down every rung on the ladder of opportunity for everyday Australians. But it was massive public backlash against the Abbott Government's attack on our universal Medicare system that forced them to back down from the GP copayment.

Now, this leaked government paper gives us the chance to bury these terrible schools policies before they get off the ground. But we'll need to act quickly and in huge numbers – sharing this news with everyone we know.

Sign the petition telling Prime Minister Abbott: free public education is the right of every Australian child.

Let's stand together to save our schools.

[1] Tony Abbott's school reform paper proposes cutting federal funding, Sydney Morning Herald, 22 June 2015


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To Prime Minister Turnbull and Education Minister Birmingham,

Every Australian child deserves a quality education. Stop your attacks on public education – our schools need more funding, not less.

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