'Rorters' and 'fraudsters' is how the Abbott government is labelling many working families with newborns, and now its a 'first world problem.'

In this year's Federal Budget, not only is Treasurer Hockey keeping cuts to 700,000 families with children over 6, set to cost lower and middle income families up to $6,000 per year, he also wants to cut paid parental leave.1

The Abbott Government will prevent 80,000 new mums from getting fully paid leave to cover the 6 months recommended by health experts for newborns to spend with their primary carer. They're doing it by preventing new parents from getting any paid leave from their employer on top of the bare minimum they get from the Government, which is only 18 weeks at the federal minimum wage.

Fortunately, the Government can't pass this without the Senate's support — and we know the Senate listens to us when we stand together for Australian families.

Let's send a powerful message now to key senators, as the Budget hits the ground tomorrow night, by getting a massive petition into their hands. Sign the petition here, and then spread the word!

[1] "NATSEM analysis shows federal budget to hit the poor hardest, while rich benefit", Sydney Morning Herald, 25 May 2015
[2] Federal budget 2015: Almost 50 per cent of mums to lose government paid parental leave entitlements, Sydey Morning Herald, 11 May 2014.