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Election 2019: It's your call

The research is in – one-on-one conversations are the single most effective way to shift a person's vote.

So that's how we're going shift thousands of votes away from the hard right this election – but we need your help.

Get started now:

You don't need much to make calls. Just a fully-charged phone (landline or mobile is OK) and a headset or headphones with a microphone. The GetUp dialing platform does everything else for you.

Here's how it works:

The conversation guide and call codes for all electorates are here:

The dial-in number to call to connect to the GetUp dialing platform is written on page 2 of the conversation guide. The number is different, depending on which electorate you're calling into.

So which electorate are you calling into?
  • If you're in Western Australia you're always dialing into Pearce.
  • If you're in South Australia or the Northern Territory you're always dialing into Boothby.
  • If you're in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, or the ACT check this page:

Resources and information about our target electorates are here:

That's it! That's all your need. You're ready to make calls and shift votes, and have a real impact of the outcome of the election!
Excellent! We run multiple in-person and online calling parties every single night. And you're welcome to come along!

To find an event near you, visit this page and enter your location:


To make as may calls as possible, we need to make this campaign massive. Can you share this page with your friends and family?

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